Joyce Piersanti

Board, Director

Service Committee, Chairperson

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United Nations Committee

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Joyce Piersanti is an international business professional wiht more than 30 years of consulting and executive management experience. She has a special expertise in project packaging and management, planning and new business development with emphasis on achieving sales gains and efficiency.

Ms. Piersanti headed Piersanti Associates, Inc., New York and her clients included electronic firms, banks and financial institutions, international airlines and franchise companies. Her extensive experience in the travel industry includes being a former executive vice president of a major international airline where she had 6,000 employees in her division. She also built and managed a group of travel accounts worth more than $60 million.

She is well known for her work on behalf of both environmental and children's issues internationally. She also is recognized globally as an expert in organizational design. She was selected to represent the United States at an international symposium, "The Human Factors in Organizational Design." The Human Factors Society published her paper given at the symposium.

The United Nations retained her as strategic planner and director of sales worldwide for the UN's largest promotional event, The First Earth Run, which raised money and awareness for global children's issues. Her efforts included organizing events in more than 60 countries that involved 45 heads of state.

For the United Nations she also was responsible for planning and directing activities for one of the largest international environmental conferences held at the time. The weeklong World Conference on the Environment was held in Brazil and brought together heads of state from more than 70 nations.

In 1992 was the first woman in the U.S. to be invited and invested into the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller. As founding Prior of the Eastern United States of America, her vision, guidance, supervision and direction let do the expansion of the organization throughout the eastern USA and beyond to: Palm Beach, New York, Cleveland, Houston, the West Indies, Nicaragua and within the US Military. Through this organization she raised 5 million dollars for the sick and poor of the world.

Joyce Piersanti was born in Philadelphia PA in 1943. She was an extreme sport and adventurer enthusiast. At 68, travel, photography and now living in Savannah are her life's joys. For her humanitarian efforts she was honored last year by the British Crown and is now a member of the Venerable Order, the Chivalric Order of the Queen of England.